Healthcare System For Employees

Health Care HR Week, as we observe we thought we’d highlight a newspaper that highlights the importance of employee satisfaction in healthcare. The medical industry is complex, with lots of moving parts including continuously changing technology research, legislation and equipment, therapies that are new not to mention individuals who come into contact with every patient’s selection. Some believe that the business model will be the key to reining in prices and enhancing quality.
Others look to increase efficiency and reduce errors. But towards the end of the day, the impact on the medical industry will be. In this paper, the authors want to find the connection between hospital encounters and employee satisfaction.

They gathered data, reviewed literature and interviewed workers, and conducted an evaluation of worker and patient satisfaction data in a NY hospital. The interrelationship between the systems, structures and elements of associations is challenging to unwind, but you will find findings which affirm the significance of this connection between the encounter and employee satisfaction.

In the end, the most important thing is quite simple: Engaged/satisfied employees result in higher patient satisfaction. Today, this fact actually has significant financial implications, as Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement rates are impacted by HCAHPS.

The overall results in the literature review revealed the following reports with employees, patients and the financial performance of the business! At the actual research study in the NY hospital, a statistical evaluation of worker and individual satisfaction was conducted in select departments inside the hospital.

The overall result were hospital departments that have greater levels of worker satisfaction providing better patient experiences. For all people of us in the workforce management side of the healthcare industry, this is definitely not earth shattering news. The concept of happy workers = happy patients is difficult to argue against.

Those organizations that recognize this is going to find themselves with a competitive edge as the healthcare industry carries on to change and evolution in the next few years. Some believe that technology is the solution to improve efficiency, reduce expenses and improve the quality of care inside the U.S. Healthcare system. While technology provides the framework for creating an organization which will thrive, it’s only one part of a total strategy. One participant in the study made the following comment: Computers have eroded the patients sense of being cared for.

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