Alcohol And Health Insurance

As the US struggles toward a system of universal healthcare, many have looked at the Canadian healthcare system as a model. In compliance with the World Health Organization, France has the best medical care system in the world.

It’s been widely reported that the WHO discovered the French network to be number 1 whilst the Canadian network is number 30 and the U.S. Number 37. OP is said to measure performance corrected to reflect the performance of a country based on how well it might have done. When reporting 37 for the US, 30 for Canada and the rankings for France, it is the OP ranking.

It provides universal coverage it’s responsive healthcare providers Patients have freedom of choice health and longevity of people. Second of all, we should be looking closely in the French system since it a lot more similarities with the U.S. System than the British or Canadian system. Most Americans assume that the system is similar to the system in Britain.

Nothing may be insulting to the French or further from the truth. Just the system depends on government insurance and insurance. Exactly like in America, people usually get their insurance through their employer. What’s different is that everybody in France has medical health insurance.

Every resident of France has access to medical care under the law of coverage called la Couverture maladie universelle. Under the system health insurance is a branch of the Scurit Sociale or Social Security. The system is funded mainly by taxing the salaries of workers. An employee in France will cover about 20% of the salary.

These taxes represent about 60% of the price of the medical insurance program that is medical. The balance of the financing comes away from the self employed, who pay more than salaried workers, and by indirect taxes on alcohol and tobacco. Lastly, additional taxes are levied against other income, both direct and indirect.

French share the same distaste for constraints on patient choice as American do. French system depends on autonomous private practitioners as opposed to a British style national health service. French are very contemptuous of the British system that they call Socialized medicine. Virtually all physicians in France take part in the nation’s public medical health insurance, Scurit Sociale.

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